As GSSA of multiple airlines, 360Lion operates charter flights weekly dedicated to providing customized B2C parcel delivery solutions for cross-border e-commerce sellers.
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Basic Information
Service: Peru/PE1001
Service Coverage: Peru
Lead Time: 12 to 18 working days
Free Attempts: 2 Attempts
Service Requirments
Weight Restrictions: 20kg
Size Restrictions: 50cm X 50cm X 50cm
Parcel Value Restrictions: 2000 USD
Shipping Restrictions
Customs Declaration and Imports Tips
Return and Redelivery
STEP 1: X-ray Machine Inspection
All products arrive in the warehouse must be inspected by our company's X-ray to ensure safety.
STEP 2: Scan in and out of the warehouse
After X-ray inspection, semi-automatic equipment is used to scan, rescale, and store in and out of the warehouse.
STEP 3: Pack and Ship
After the parcels are scanned in and out of the warehouse, they are packed and reinforced. Attach the bag tags and place them neatly.
STEP 4: Schedule Flights
After shipments arrive at the airport warehouse, the label with MAWB Number will be sticked on each carton according to the category. Waiting for the flight arrangement.
STEP 5: Arrival
Shipments arrive at the destination port, waiting for the customs clearance.
STEP 6: Last Mile Delivery
The last mile companies deliver parcels in destination country.
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